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Could you throw in the registered Dos versions of the game (both version 1.0 and 2.0), as I want to play those through Dosbox

Yes if you register on here and then email me at I'll send you the DOS version.  I know v. 2.0 works but I can't promise that 1.0 will work or that I'll be able to generate a registration code for it.

I just tried to buy this, but got a "the payment can't be completed" error from Paypal. I got a friend to try and he had the same problem.

Hi, something seems to be not working with our PayPal account.  We haven't had this issue before and I'm looking into it now.  You might try to buy the product from our website,  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Same problem here, I can't purchase it through PayPal. I'd purchase it on your website but it's not the same price there.

Hi there, I think I figured out what the problem was with paying through PayPal on here.  It should be working now, if you are still interested.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Great to hear! And yes, I'm still interested. :)